A vision of collaboration…

by women for women


The Power of Connection

When women come together, we do powerful things.

Through connection, we share, inspire, empower and combine resources for the betterment and success of all women and girls. This is a grass-roots effort to create a one-stop resource to better facilitate communication and information sharing and create connections that contribute to the success of all efforts in our community that work for the equality and empowerment of women and girls.

A Community Bulletin Board

Corvallis Women is seeking the help of the community to build an online information sharing resource for the Corvallis, Oregon area that focuses on events and activities of those individuals and organizations that seek to improve the lives of women and girls. Corvallis Women intends to unite people, businesses and organizations in our community that believe in equality and are actively working towards their betterment.

Building Bridges

This resource aims to build a bridge between organizations and individuals through the simple act of sharing information in one convenient place, like a neighborhood bulletin board that will be managed by each organization that chooses to participate. It is hoped that this will help better identify opportunities for collaboration, volunteering, and resource sharing. It could even help discover paths towards new connections and creation of resources. Corvallis Women could also be a local resource for tools and education aimed at increasing the success of women and girls in both their personal and business lives. It could potentially provide access to listings of women owned businesses that one can support with their patronage. It could also be an excellent source for those looking to volunteer in this space and have a better idea of what options are the best fit.

The Path to Equality

There are many areas of focus that can help improve the status of women and girls. Although this list is a work in progress, Corvallis Women hopes to be a place where one can easily find resources to work on areas such as:

  • Economic Empowerment: education in finance and investing and becoming financially independent

  • Political Participation and Representation: upcoming rallies, protests, workshops, town halls, running for office

  • Education: Classes, workshops, blogs, podcasts by local women

  • Healthcare: equality within and access to, including reproductive health

  • Meeting Basic Needs: shelter, food, menstrual products, clothing, employment

  • Mental health: emotional support and mental health care

  • Mentoring: children and women in business

  • Safety: addressing physical abuse, sexual assault, sex trafficking and the cultural issues and infrastructure in our culture which allows or feeds it

  • Self-Development: tools for self-care and personal development. Self-actualization of your inner power and abilities to influence change in your own lives and for others.

  • Business Development: support and empowerment for female business owners or those looking to start a business

charitable organizations

There are many dedicated organizations in our community working tirelessly within missions that share similar goals or benefit similar causes. Organizations could have a greater impact if they were able to more easily identify opportunities for collaboration and resource sharing.

We don’t always have to re-invent the wheel. Sometimes improving the wheel is the better course. There are often missed opportunities for collaborative events between organizations or individuals. Social media has become so clogged with events of so many kinds, it’s hard to keep even the ones you are interested in straight!  Corvallis Women would like to provide a better way to provide a focus and means of communication to share what organizations are actively working on or projects they would like to collaborate on.

join us!


If you are a local women’s organization or an organization that works in any capacity to improve the status of, or provide resources to, women and/or girls, please fill out our contact form or inquire at: corvalliswomen@gmail.com.


This is a 100% volunteer community project. There will be opportunity for motivated volunteers to help. Interested volunteers should fill out the contact form.

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